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9782819915225 - John Oliver Hobbes: Robert Orange Being a Continuation of the History of Robert Orange - Livre

John Oliver Hobbes (?):

Robert Orange Being a Continuation of the History of Robert Orange (?)

Livraison à partir de : AllemagneNouveau livre

9782819915225 (?) ou 2819915221

, langue inconnue, Pub One Info, Nouveau
Robert Orange Being a Continuation of the History of Robert Orange: thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. One afternoon during the first weeks of October, 1869, while wind, dust, and rain were struggling each for supremacy in the streets, a small yellow brougham, swung in the old-fashioned style on cumbersome springs and attached to a pair of fine greys, was standing before the Earl of Garrow`s town residence in St. James`s Square. The hall clock within that mansion chimed four, the great doors were thrown open by two footmen, and a young lady wearing a mauve silk skirt deeply flounced, a black cloth jacket embroidered in gold, and a mauve hat trimmed with plumes - appeared upon the threshold. She paused for a moment to admire the shrubs arranged in boxes on each window-sill, the crimson vines that brightened the grey walls to criticise the fresh brown rosette under the near horse`s ear to bestow a swift glance upon the harness, the coachman`s livery, and the groom`s boots. Then she stepped into the carriage and gave her order - To the Carlton Club. Englisch, Ebook
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ISBN (notations alternatives): 2-8199-1522-1, 978-2-8199-1522-5


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