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9782765925224 - BALDEV BHATIA: Let Us Forget Our Worries and Negativities - Livre

Let Us Forget Our Worries and Negativities (2016) (?)

Livraison à partir de : FranceNouveau livreeBook, livre électronique, livre numériqueproduit pour le téléchargement numérique

ISBN: 9782765925224 (?) ou 2765925224, en français, Osmora Inc. Osmora Inc. Osmora Inc. Nouveau, ebook, Téléchargement numérique

Du vendeur/antiquaire
ABOUT THE BOOKLet Us Forget Our Worries and Negativities- We Need to Be Strong Bold and Confident, is a very unique book of moral boosting. We must understand our worries and negativities and we ought to forget our worries and negatives and ward of the same at the earliest in order to lead a peaceful prosperous and happy life. We must know that the feeling of happiness or sadness is within us. It is said that happiness is purely our own matter. Though it has got something to do with our external circumstances. But there are certainly some positive factors within us that keep us happy and there is something negative within us also which keep us unhappy. Happy living through positive and good thoughts, is nothing more than that of living a normal life free from undue pressures, problems and tensions. If we want to live a good and happy life then we need to get rid of the negativity within us which makes us unhappy. Negative approach always complicates the problems and increases unhappiness. Most of us do the fatal mistake of looking outwards for happiness rather than looking inwards. Be positive, be strong, be bold and be courageous you are sure to find the feeling of happiness within you. Even if we are having a bad day, think of some good things that may come our way, either later that day, tomorrow, next week, or next moment. When everything seems to be beyond our control, it's almost too easy for us to slip into the grasp of negativity and unhappiness. To avoid sadness we must strive to abolish this sort of thinking through the power of thinking positively and generate the feeling of happiness within us. The art of sweet living is not a complicated kind of art difficult to learn rather a simple art of happy living feeling well, eating well, and thinking well. What we need to do is just to tune up our mind to enjoy every moment of life and let the sweet happiness follow us. This is something that needs to be looked into thoroughly. We need to focus on the positive a
Numéro de commande vendeur: 348ab006-d18c-47d8-a8fd-9f065eb3e0a4
Numéro de commande de plate-forme 140359782765925224
Catégorie: Education & Teaching
Mots-clés: Let Us Forget Our Worries and Negativities BALDEV BHATIA Adult Education & Teaching 9782765925224
Données de 29-10-2017 13:14h
ISBN (notations alternatives): 2-7659-2522-4, 978-2-7659-2522-4