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1230000413312 - Max Cherish: Very Wicked Dirty Stories #169 - Livre


Very Wicked Dirty Stories #169 (2015) (?)

Livraison à partir de : AllemagneNouveau livreeBook, livre électronique, livre numériqueproduit pour le téléchargement numérique

1230000413312 (?)

, langue inconnue, Cherish Desire, Cherish Desire, Cherish Desire, Nouveau, ebook, Téléchargement numérique
Who watches over your heart and dreams in the darkness? Embrace your passions in the middle of the night! ★★★★★ "Ronin has no idea how much power women have. It doesn't take an alien to collar a wulf!" ★★★★★ "Erotica that makes you wonder about each creaking footstep in the hall and hope she's coming for you next." ★★★★★ "Miez shows her pet who's boss! Her guardian wulf is all about his Prince showing her power." ★★★★★ "I want a pet, too. Please send me a black cat instead of a wulf, and I promise to make my boyfriend crawl on his hands and knees. :)" Passionate desires stalk decadent dreams with wicked temptations. The shadows are full of forbidden mysteries that unlock the power to pursue depraved urges and wicked sexual urges. Very Wicked Dirty Stories delivers short stories full of uncensored supernatural and paranormal sexual tension to tempt jaded passions. Her blue iridescent eyes expose Marie's nocturnal lady's alien presence in Ronin's dreams. Her offer of gladiator lesbian lovers and taboo desires may almost be enough to ensnare the wulf. "Wet Dreams (A Marie Story)" [Includes: MF, FF, D/s, Vaginal & Oral Sex, Fingering & Fisting, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Double Penetration, Double Fisting, Implied Stretching, Implied Canine, Vision] The wulf's heart keeps a close eye on the sexy dominatrix while she torments her submissive male pet. The improbable gift wields the power of shadows and contains the key to so much more. "Mistress of the Shadows (A Miez Story)" [Includes: FM, Femdom, D/s, Pegging, Strap-on Sex, Anal & Implied Oral Penetration, Bondage & Restraints] Approximately 10,700 words. Bonus: Plus selections from our Summer 2015 catalog with commentary. This book is intended for mature audiences. Cherish Desire books contain erotica adventures featuring intense sexual situations including alternative lifestyles, perverse pleasures, and supernatural lust. Find more sexy madness in our Catalog. http://bit. ly/CherishDesireCatalog Featurin
Catégorie: Erotica
Mots-clés: Very Wicked Dirty Stories #169 Max Cherish Adult Erotica 1230000413312
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